About Rick Kattelmann

Rick Kattelmann has pursued photography as a hobby for more than 40 years starting with backpack trips in the Sierra Nevada. During high school, photography became a serious interest, shooting school sports and the usual yearbook stuff. Industrial photography financed film, paper, and a darkroom. A camera and tripod went along on most of Rick's hikes and travels, just in case some beautiful scene appeared. This opportunistic approach to photography has continued through subsequent decades. After a long absence from traditional darkroom work, Rick began learning digital printing techniques in 2003. Although not quite the same as watching a silver image develop, waiting for a print to emerge from the printer is still magic.

Rick is a mostly-retired hydrologist who specialized in watershed management and snow hydrology. Rick was the principal hydrologist for the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project and authored more than a hundred scientific and technical papers. He was a founder of the Eastern Sierra Land Trust. Various travel opportunities allowed exploration and photography of many of the world's mountain ranges.

Work on this website was begun in January 2012 with a few selections from recent trips in China. More images and other countries will be added during the winter.